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4 Useful Drywall Finishing Tips

When it comes to home improvement projects, it is always essential that the job is done correctly, whether it involves removing a wall or popcorn texture that needs to have a replacement sheet or working on a ceiling's drywall finishing. Drywall for walls and ceilings is not visible after it is covered with wallpaper, paint, or texture. However, it serves an essential purpose inside of the wall or ceiling structure. Therefore, you need to ensure that the patching or installation is done in a way that enhances the drywall's stability.

Tip 1

Although it does tend to take a bit more patience and practice to get a drywall job done correctly, this is a kind of project that anybody can do. Just remember that no matter which of the various techniques you are considering, that the key to getting this type of project done right involves having good eye/hand coordination. To gain experience with finishing drywall, you may want to consider buying a small sheet practicing before you work on a real wall or ceiling drywall sheet. Then when you are ready to begin on your actual project, you will have the experience you need to do the job right.

Tip 2

Before you start to install or patch drywall to finish, be sure the prepare and secure the surface first. For example, installing a new ceiling requires that you select the proper drywall ceiling texture. After you have chosen your materials, then be sure to secure the drywall panels in place. Each board needs to be screw into the wall studs or ceiling joists securely. Also, screws need to placed in 12-inch inch increments for ceilings and 16-inch ones for walls.

Tip 3

When applying mud to the seams or to fix damaged parts of the wall or ceiling drywall, be sure to use a product that is free of lumps and is the right consistency. Any small bumps will unfortunately often cause air bubbles which will give you problems. The easiest method is to use pre-mixed mud. Add water and the pre-mixed mud to a buck and create a consistency similar to the icing on a cake.

Tip 4

Our final drywall finishing tip is, you need to decide whether to cover the seams with paper tape or mesh. There is no wrong or right decision for installing drywall pans to the wall or ceiling. It is more of personal preference. However, a majority of experts recommend that for tapered seams mesh should be used. To make this a convenient and easy process, bend a coat hanger and place it where the tape will be hung, so it is easy to reach the tape and prevent it from becoming tangled.

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