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Drywall Patching

Do you have water damage, or areas that need to be patched? Our trained crews can patch and repair any damaged drywall or plaster.

"Great value for the quality of work performed. We called them in to handle some sheetrock repair from some water damage we had from a dishwasher that overflowed. Their crew showed up on time and took care of the issues. We would hire them again. Thanks guys!"


Drywall Installation and Finish

Do you have a project that requires drywall installation and finish? Or trained hangers and tapers can handle any project that requires gypsum wall board.

"Wow! We are happy with the sheetrocking and insulation done by their team. The crews showed up on time and were very clean. The end result was ready for paint. We will call them for future projects that require drywall and insulation."


Improve Your Home's Interior With Professional Hillsboro Drywall Services

Drywall is often seen as the easiest material to work with for novice DIY homeowners, but achieving the desired results is another matter entirely. Without experience, a steady hand and the right tools, the finishes look less-than-professional or ideal.

Knowing that you weren't able to complete your home's drywall work to the highest of standards will bother you for years to come. An amateur attempt will show, so why take the risk? Professional drywall contractors aren't just quick and efficient, but affordable as well.

Expert Vs. Amateur Installation

Drywall is sold in large sheets in varying lengths and thicknesses. Standard drywall pieces measure 48 inches wide and are cut to size to match the existing surface. Using sturdy screws, the drywall is connected to the wooden frame underneath.

How do you get a seamless finish? This is where amateur work often shows! Professionals can fill in the gaps between drywall boards using tape and joint compound aka "mud." Unfortunately, if you don't have years of experience, your poor workmanship will show with visible seams between drywall sheets.

Professional contractors can work quickly and provide a seamless finish each time. If your entire property needs new drywall, the project is completed promptly within a couple of days.

A Finish You Can Appreciate!

The next step after drywall installation and compounding is creating a smooth surface for painting. Professional contractors can identify any rough visible spots and remedy them by sanding the areas smooth.

The next step after the sanding is priming the drywall to get it ready for paint. Correctly applying primer ensures that your color paint will adhere appropriately without splotches or missed spots. You are choosing not to work with a professional contractor leaves behind a permanent blemish on your wall. For the remaining lifespan of your wall, you will see the mistakes you've made. Additionally, colored paint will highlight the areas of your wall that are less-than-perfect.

You need a seamless installation from start to finish. Taking matters into your own hands prevents the interior of your home from looking its best. An amateur rushed job impacts the way you perceive your home's interior, and it won't be easy to live within the long haul. It knows where you've made mistakes will automatically lead your eye to the flaws.

The best advice anyone can ever give you is to let a professional drywall contractor handle your drywalling needs. Not only are these services highly affordable, but you can find the right service for any step. Whether you need comprehensive installation help from start to finish or just mud application, a contractor is guaranteed to do a fantastic job. Most importantly, you will quickly recognize the benefits of a job well done, ranging from a much more beautiful home interior to your ability to add significant value should you look to sell.